Vladivostok Boat ShowVladivostok Boat Show

Уважаемые посетители сайта! 

Спасибо за внимание к выставке "Vladivostok Boat Show"

Регистрация для получение пропуска на выставку откроется 1 февраля 2020 года

Билеты можно будет приобрести на кассе в день выставки, либо заранее на сайте http://www.vl.ru/afisha/vladivostok

Стоимость билета 200 руб. Дети до 12 лет бесплатно. 

Будем рады видеть вас с 22 по 24 мая на территории яхт-клуба "Семь Футов"! 

Boat Show 2020 catalog


Each guest and participants of the Vladivostok Boat Show 2020 will get his personal catalogue with information and presentation of your company on Russian and English languages! 

Information about the participants is placed in the following scope: the logo, company name, address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail, web-address and brief information about company’s activity. The total volume of the information provided must not exceed ½ sheet of A4. Information exceeding the specified volume is considered as advertising and paid for in accordance with the rates for advertising in the catalogue of the Show.

The deadline for the provision of information to Organization Committee for placing in the catalogue: 1 May 2020.

In case if the information is not received prior to deadline, the Organizing Committee right to:

- place information about the company in its wording (if it is provided in part) and bears no responsibility for possible inaccuracies;

- not to place the information about the company, in case it’s lacking. The registration fee of the company is not returned.

Advertising in the Exhibition Catalogue

Advertising materials of all interested in the show’s audience companies are accepted for placement in the directory. The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to accept advertising materials in the catalogue of companies, which activity is contrary to the goals and objectives of the Show and violates the general concept of the Show.

Placement of advertisement is made according to the price of the Price-list.

For companies-participants, and for companies offering goods and services of specialized themes also, there is a discount on placement of advertising in the catalogue - 30 % from the Price-list.

All the materials for publishing in the official catalogue of the Show should be submitted to the Organizing Committee not later May 1, 2020.